About DJP-Omni-Joint

Mechanical dowel for timber constructions

There is now an efficient system for joining fully painted window frame components. The unique DJP-Omni-Joint connector pulls the components tightly together to form a rigid frame. Machining centres are already optimised for this fabrication method, as are modern painting lines. This patented connector helps you save time, labour and money.

The timber window and door frame fabrication industry is increasingly adopting Single Part Production (SPP). This production method can greatly reduce fabrication lead times and therefore increase your profitability. Machining centres are already optimised for this fabrication method, and modern painting lines and paints are also ready for it. However, so far the missing link has been an efficient SPP joining method. And that link is now available.
The DJP-Omni-Joint provides the missing link in optimised industrial frame fabrication. By carrying the speed of automated machining through to the painting, drying, assembling and joining stages the fabrication process can be greatly accelerated - in a single fabrication process, without waiting times and intermediate stock.
Eliminating bottlenecks ensures you are in full control of all fabrication stages and quality. By joining the painted components with DJP-Omni-Joints the unit is finished in one step. A durable strong joint, where the joint faces benefit from a paint finish. IFT approved.
The DJP-Omni-Joint system is suitable for all timber sizes, details, timber types and paint types. The components are joined together on an assembly table, and the glazing can be incorporated at the same time, if desired. The DJP-Omni-Joint system is also suitable for use with pre-primed (flow-coated) parts, although using them with fully finished timber components will result in the highest productivity.
This mechanical joining system for window frames was tested by the Institut fr Fenstertechnik at Rosenheim, to the IFT FE-08-1 guideline.
Is Single Part Production a step too far? As a replacement for wooden dowels our DJP-ProFix system instantly lends strength to unpainted timber window frames. After joining the components and removing excess adhesive the frame is ready for painting - there is no need to wait for the adhesive to set.

Omni-Joints: for any frame

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Single Part Production

The DJP-Omni-Joint connections enable Single Part Production. This provides significant acceleration in your production process.

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